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Laster Orthodontics Blog

It is our goal to provide each and every patient the best possible orthodontic care and customer service we can. We want you to enjoy your orthodontic treatment journey from the moment you walk through our front doors. We've developed this blog as a resource for our future and existing patients to learn about orthodontics, our practice, and to get the best advice on developing and maintaining their perfect smile.

15 Jan 2021

Tips for Surviving Your First Week of Braces

Getting braces is your first step in achieving a new, beautiful smile, and we’re here to walk you through every step of the process. However, once you have braces it can take a bit of time to adjust. ...  read on

01 Jan 2021

Underbite Correction: How It Works

Many people are born with teeth that are less than perfectly aligned, and one common misalignment is an underbite. Whether mild, moderate or severe, there are effective treatment options for underbite...  read on

15 Dec 2020

How to Choose An Orthodontist Near Me

Orthodontists provide services to correct misaligned teeth. If your teeth are crowded, uneven or if they cause pain because they routinely bite the inside of your mouth, you could benefit from seeing ...  read on

01 Dec 2020

The Answer for Crowded Teeth

Crowding teeth is typically a childhood problem, but it can easily turn into an adult problem, if the issue is not properly addressed by a professional. Taking your child to the orthodontist throughou...  read on

16 Nov 2020

Invisible Braces for a Perfect Smile

Invisible braces offer a way to straighten teeth without obvious wires and brackets. They are alternatives to traditional braces, and there are a few different systems available. Each one is less noti...  read on

05 Nov 2020

How Long Do Braces Take to Straighten Teeth

Braces have traditionally been the standard and fastest method for straightening teeth, and they remain the best choice in some cases. For many people, however, newer clear aligners offer an even fast...  read on

14 Oct 2020

How do clear aligners work?

Are you ready for braces, but not ready to deal with brackets, wires, and everyone knowing that you have braces on? If so, we have great news for you. It’s possible to get straight teeth without all t...  read on

06 Oct 2020

How much do braces cost for adults?

If your family couldn’t spring for braces when you were a child, you might be ready to invest in braces now that you are an adult. The good news is you don’t have to be a tech billionaire to afford br...  read on

How to Keep Your Perfect Smile After Braces

After putting in the time and money to perfect your smile with braces, it just makes sense to do all you can to protect your investment. Without taking the right steps, your teeth could start to shift...  read on

04 Sep 2020

The Best Pain Reliever for Shifting Teeth

With braces, you can bring your teeth into proper alignment and get the smile you’ve always wanted. But, to achieve that goal, you’ll have to put up with a little bit of discomfort and soreness along ...  read on