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Laster Orthodontics Blog

It is our goal to provide each and every patient the best possible orthodontic care and customer service we can. We want you to enjoy your orthodontic treatment journey from the moment you walk through our front doors. We've developed this blog as a resource for our future and existing patients to learn about orthodontics, our practice, and to get the best advice on developing and maintaining their perfect smile.

A Look at the Benefits of Perfect Straight Teeth

Did you know that four million Americans each year decide to straighten their teeth with braces or clear aligners? Perhaps even more surprising, nearly 25% of them are firmly in their adult years. Alt...  read on

03 Nov 2021

Is it Weird for Adults to Get Braces?

Whether you’re well over the hill or just steadily climbing to the top, the thought of getting braces in your old age might feel just a bit silly. Despite perceptions, it’s pretty much never too late ...  read on

15 Oct 2021

All The Bad Habits That Cause Crooked Teeth

As your adult teeth come in and you continue to grow through the teenage years, your teeth stay on the move. In fact, even well into your adult years, your teeth gradually adjust their positions in yo...  read on

04 Oct 2021

Our Favorite Color Combinations for Braces

There’s no doubt about it. The absolute best thing about getting braces is ending up with perfectly straight teeth. Then, once those braces come off, you can flash your dazzling smile with confidence ...  read on

16 Sep 2021

8 Braces Problems You Can Totally Avoid

Braces are durable, long-lasting, and effective. They aren’t completely foolproof, though. While problems can arise, most of those concerns are preventable. Here’s a look at eight issues you can total...  read on

06 Sep 2021

Common Orthodontic Problems

Knowing when to turn to an orthodontist for dental problems isn’t always simple. There’s no doubt that it’s best to see a provider even if you’re not sure. Take a look at some of the most common reaso...  read on

18 Aug 2021

Buck Teeth: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Buck teeth can be frustrating and even embarrassing. This type of overbite can vary in severity from person to person, so some people are especially bothered by their buck teeth, while others don't ev...  read on

04 Aug 2021

The Advantages of Dental Aligners

Are your teeth crooked or misaligned? Are you unhappy with your smile or protruding teeth? Do you have an overbite or an underbite? If so, you may be a good candidate for clear aligners. This importan...  read on

22 Jul 2021

Adult Braces — It’s Not Too Late to Get a Dazzling, Confident Smile

Many people think of braces as just for kids, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, as long as you still have your natural teeth, it’s not too late to get a dazzling, confident smile. ...  read on

10 Jul 2021

4 Things Parents Should Know Before Getting Braces for Their Kids

As kids lose their baby teeth and start to get their adult replacements, they may lose their confident smile as their new teeth come in crooked. The resulting self-conscious thoughts often grow worse ...  read on