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Your Smile's New Best Friend!

Braces are a proven orthodontic treatment that will straighten out your teeth and correct an improper bite. Braces work by applying continuous gentle pressure to your teeth over a period of time so they will gradually shift to create a perfect, functional smile.

The braces we install today at Laster Orthodontics are modern technological marvels. We use advanced technology to give both child and adult braces patients faster, more accurate smiles. 



When it comes to braces for children, Laster Orthodontics is the best choice in Raleigh, Zebulon, and Rolesville. We're experts at creating perfect smiles for kids. We know how important those teenage years are, and we your children to have smiles they can be proud of for the rest of their lives

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two-phase orthodontic treatment

Laster Orthodontics offers early orthodontic treatment, like two-phase orthodontic treatment for children to help them grow into a perfect smile. Some children can benefit enormously from this treatment because it helps direct the growth of the upper and lower jaw and gives permanent teeth proper room to grown in, all while your child grows.

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Orthodontic treatment like braces can be successful at any age, and adults especially appreciate the benefits of a beautiful smile. Nationally, one in every five braces patients are over the age of 21. Laster Orthodontics offers adults advanced braces technology to give them perfect smiles they will love.

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It is our goal to provide every patient with the best possible orthodontic care and customer service

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Clear aligners are a removable and virtually invisible orthodontic solution.

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Dr. Laster uses revolutionary 3D technology that leads to fewer patient visits.

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  Faster smiles every time, every day, for everyone.

At Laster Orthodontics, marvelous is an everyday thing. We help families develop healthy, perfect smiles using customized treatments, and cutting-edge technology. We offer patients a wide range of options from traditional braces, to Dr. Laster's in-house aligner system, Laster Perfect Smile.

We create life-changing smiles every time, every day, for everyone.

Incredible people are among us.

The Laster Orthodontics team is full of happy, warm, genuine people who love life, and our patients. We are always 100% committed to patient care.

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My son got braces at Laster Orthodontics. They are now off and his teeth look great! The staff and Dr. Laster were extremely friendly and helpful through the whole process.

– Kim Ferace