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This new alternative to name brand aligners is designed to save you time and money, all while providing an exceptional patient experience.


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Why choose LPS?

  • Quality – Aligners are made from superior quality plastics - Zendura and Taglus.
  • Professional OversightAll prescribed treatment is designed by an orthodontist. LPS gives patients an affordable alternative to mail-order aligners, such as SmileDirectClub and Candid, that is actually safe for their smile. All treatment is prescribed and overseen by a dentist and/or orthodontist. Don't let unsupervised treatment be the only affordable aligner option for your patients. 
  • Customization – Because we are a small lab, we are able to personally customize your appliances.
  • Troubleshooting – Dr. Laster and the LPS lab are here to advise you on any problems you face. You’ll be able to talk to a clinician, not a technician, when you need assistance.
  • Free Retainers – We will provide your patients a free retainer, as well as their final 3D printed model, in case replacements are ever needed.
  • End of Treatment Detailing – If aligners are fitting properly and some detailing movement is required, Dr. Laster can design refinement aligners using your existing digital model. These aligners will be designed with over corrections built in, and we will have them delivered to you quickly.


Why We Do It

We love designing aligners and want all of our colleagues and referrals to have a great aligner therapy experience. We want to give dentists and orthodontists a quality, expertly designed, affordable aligner option for their patients. 

  • In a world where many patients believe that unsupervised mail-order treatment is the only affordable option they have, we want to give them a solution.


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