What is Sure Smile technology?

Sure Smile technologySure Smile technology has taken orthodontics into a new millennium in terms of quality and efficiency of treatment. We started using Sure Smile technology with our patients in 2013, and it has made a revolutionary difference in our practice! Now we have treated hundreds of Sure Smile cases, and have become local experts as a leading Sure Smile practice in the Raleigh area and even in the state of North Carolina!

Sure Smile combines 3-Dimensional Imaging with computer aided smile design and modern robotic technology to produce incredible smiles more efficiently than conventional braces or Invisalign. Basically, we use our iTero 3D scanner to capture a precise representation of your teeth once the brackets are on. Then Dr. Laster uses the most advanced virtual smile design computer software to design your new smile. Using your high tech smile simulation Dr. Laster then instructs robots to bend wires that move your teeth more precisely than traditional orthodontics or Invisalign ever could.

The end a result is a better smile in less time. I tend to be skeptical of anything that promises better faster, but clinical trials have actually proven this to be the case. In studies done at the University of Indiana cases treated with Sure Smile treated 33% faster than conventional braces and finished with fewer imperfections as measured by the ABO (American Board of Orthodontics Score).

Dr. Laster, who did his award winning masters thesis on 3-dimensional imaging, loves bringing this technology to orthodontics

“Sure Smile has revolutionized the way I practice! I love the results, and the patients love getting that beautiful smile faster! The computer technology allows me to see the teeth in so much greater detail, and actually visualize that post treatment smile, and the wires the robots design are amazingly precise! I call them ‘Magic Wires’ because the way they move teeth is really magical!”

Complex cases that were taking us 24-30 months to finish are now finishing in 15-16 months. In fact last November we had an engaged couple come to see us prior to their wedding. We only had 6 months to work with, but using Sure Smile Sal and Sabrina both had amazing smiles on their wedding day in just 6 months. They sent us a picture from the wedding and it really touched our heart that they were able to have perfect smiles on their wedding day, and it would never have been able to do that without Sure Smile technology.

At Laster Orthodontics, we feel like right now we are doing the best orthodontics that our practice has ever done! Sure Smile technology is definitely a big part of that. Our practice is at the pinnacle of cutting edge technology in orthodontics. Patients can see the difference of, and love the results of Sure Smile technology at Laster Orthodontics.

Do you want a perfect smile, but were concerned that orthodontic treatment would be lengthy? Let Dr. Laster give you a perfect smile and great bite in less time using Sure Smile.

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