The Preferred Invisalign Provider in Raleigh, NC!

Invisalign is a clear and removable alternative to braces. I have over eleven years of experience as an Invisalign provider, and have done significant amounts of continuing education to improve my skills as a provider of this amazing technology. I also attend Invisalign study clubs in order to share ideas among other leading Invisalign providers.

We offer a guarantee for all our Invisalign patients! Very few practices guarantee their work this way, but I am committed to excellent results for every patient that we treat in this practice! If we don’t reach the desired result whether from lack of compliance or just a stubborn tooth; we will finish your case in braces at no extra charge. While we offer a guarantee, very few patients need to take us up on it because they are so happy with their Invisalign Smile!


What differentiates our process from other Invisalign providers?

We start with an iTero scanner to get a 3-dimensional digital representation of the teeth. This is essential because aligners made off a digital scan fit much more perfectly than those fabricated from dental impressions. “There is essentially zero error in the digital scan which has completely changed Invisalign for me. Previously I would get very frustrated with poorly fitting aligners and we just don’t have that problem any more. The iTero scanner just gives a much more accurate aligner.”

I personally spend hours working on each Invisalign set up. Without a good plan, you can’t get a great result. I am very detail oriented with my Invisalign plans, and study each virtual set-up of the final smile on a seventy inch screen in order to be able to diagnose every detail and imperfection. Having a great set-up makes our Invisalign cases really stand out, and finish amazing.

I am also treating more Invisalign Teen cases than ever before! I feel that the product for Invisalign Teen has been greatly improved, and I like to be able to offer a clear alternative to braces for our teen patients. Not everyone is an Invisalign Teen candidate, but the cases that we do treat are also guaranteed our we will place braces for free to finish the case!

Once your aligners arrive our practice has a highly developed protocol for office visits, attachment placement, and esthetic shaping of teeth. “Our protocol helps the process run very smoothly for our patients, and esthetic shaping of the teeth puts a beautiful finishing touch on the cases.”

If you want a great smile without wearing braces, let my guaranteed superior Invisalign process give you the smile you have always wanted. My clinical expertise combined with our high-tech Invisalign process and 3-dimensional imaging will give you a beautiful smile using clear Invisalign aligners!

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Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation